Haslemere has a fun new initiative that is skating your way. Roller Skating MPSK8 is run by husband and wife team Paul and Marilyn Eite.

Paul has been skating for more than 32 years, Marilyn for around 40 years and both their children and other family members skate.

Paul said: “We provide roller skating sessions, lessons and we can do roller hockey practices. Marilyn and I are both level three England roller hockey coaches.

“I've coached internationally with the England academy and Marilyn's coach coached regionally and nationally.

“When I say everyone, I mean everyone because we are fully inclusive.”

Paul Eite teaching a skating session (MPSK8)
Paul Eite teaching a skating session (MPSK8) (MPSK8)

Paul and Marilyn work with local places such as the Haslemere Youth Hub and Woolmer Hill Sports Park. Allowing children with learning disabilities and mobility issues enough space to learn skating in their own time and have fun.

Including the campuses at Havant and South Downs College (HSDC) who recently announced their sponsorship of MPSK8.

HSDC community engagement manager Abi Summers said: “HSDC Community love to be able to work with MPSK8 and are proud to be sponsoring them.

“The opportunities that MPSK8 create are vital for our community, and we are keen to support these opportunities in any way we can.

“They are a fun, inclusive, and supportive group and embody our HSDC values.”

Paul Eite teaching younger children at the Havant Leisure Centre (MPSK8)
Paul Eite teaching younger children at the Havant Leisure Centre (MPSK8) (MPSK8)

With the sponsorship, Paul and Marilyn hope to expand MKSK8 and be in a position to help sponsor others.

Paul already buys second-hand skates online and gives them to participants for free if they can’t afford their own.

“I'm happy to give them a free pair of skates. It doesn't really bother me as I'd rather have the people skating,” Paul added.

But get in quick, sessions can be booked weeks in advance so glide on over now!