There is still a hoard of cash to be spent of community projects stashed under Haslemere Town Hall – maybe not quite buried, but the Town Council does have treasure trove of just under £100,000 of community infrastructure levy (CIL) cash to spend on projects.

CIL is a charge applied to most new developments, or those that increase the footprint of existing dwellings, and is collected by Waverley Borough Council.

A proportion of CIL income is passed to the community where the CIL is raised, with 70 to 80 per cent being kept by Waverley Borough Council for infrastructure projects, 15 per cent being allocated as Neighbourhood CIL for towns and parishes or 25 per cent when a Neighbourhood Plan has been made – such as Haslemere – and five per cent being retained by Waverley Borough Council for administration.

Neighbourhood CIL is paid out twice a year and must be spent within five years. It can be spent on infrastructure provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance and addressing the demands that development places on an area. It cannot be spent on fireworks or carnivals.

Anyone with a proposal for the town council’s CIL committee should email [email protected]