The Edge has been a steady feature in the Herald for many months – much to the dismay of the people of Haslemere. 

It has become a political football that both Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council have repeatedly kicked back and forth, leaving the community, schools and clubs which have used the facility with nowhere to go. 

But there may, finally, be a glimmer of hope for Edge users. 

The Herald has been made aware of an agreement in the works between Waverley and Surrey which could see Waverley taking back a temporary 12-month lease until a more permanent solution can be found. In his weekly constituency update, MP Jeremy Hunt said he had spoken with Tim Oliver, Surrey County Council’s leader, about The Edge. 

He said: “Surrey has offered funding to help get The Edge back up and running after the borough council’s mistaken decision to terminate their long lease, incidentally leaving Waverley with a £1 million-plus dilapidations bill. Hopefully Waverley will play ball as this would fix the problem for a couple of years while a more permanent solution can be found – and make a massive difference to the voluntary sports groups who depend on it.” 

Paul Follows, leader of Waverley Borough Council, said: “Because of the somewhat problematic back and forth, and in the interest of sorting this out for the community, I sought a meeting with the leader of Surrey County Council one-on-one and we agreed a potential plan, the detail of which is being worked up now by officers from both councils.”

Cllr Follows said a joint communication from both councils would soon follow, and added: “I would ask the community to be patient a little longer while Waverley and Surrey sort out the details in the renewed spirit of working together at both councils.”

The Herald hopes to soon have confirmation when The Edge will once again open.