TV and YouTube sensation Joe Wicks was a big hit when he put Woolmer Hill School students through their paces.

The school is one of only 17 ‘The Body Coach’ is visiting as part of his nationwide UK HIIT Tour, teaching children about high intensity interval training.

Joe rose to fame when posting fitness videos and clips on social media, sharing recipes and exercise techniques. The Body Coach is now a household name.

When Joe called for teachers, parents and friends to say why he should visit their school, Woolmer Hill pupil support and guidance team member Gemma Fry was quick to respond.

The school was thrilled when Joe selected them, backing Gemma’s concern too much emphasis is placed now on issues concerning mental health, rather than the positives.

“As a society we seem to talk about mental health in such a negative light,” Gemma said. “Each and every pupil deserves to take some time out of his or her busy day to look after their own health and wellbeing.

“Many of Woolmer Hill’s staff members use Joe’s YouTube videos as part of their fitness regimes, sometimes before they start work.

“They are simple yet effective workouts, which really do make a difference.

“I also reiterated to Joe how fantastic our pupils are and that I wanted them to take part in something very exciting.” Woolmer Hill was one of only two secondary schools chosen to take part in Joe’s select tour.

More than 400 star struck pupils took part in the workout last Friday. After the 20-minute session of high intensity interval training, they asked Joe questions about healthy living and what he enjoys most about leading an active lifestyle.

Pupils heard Joe’s advice and the benefits of exercise to support healthy minds.