I would like to respond to Stuart Hatter of Alton, whose letter was published last week. 

I stand by our Whitehill & Bordon Community Party mission to see Whitehill, Bordon, Lindford and Greatham at the heart of East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) policy-making. 

Alton and Petersfield both have larger leisure centres, railway stations, market town centres, more supermarket choices and greater medical facilities within their community hospitals. The list goes on.

Fighting responsibly for a fair share of EHDC resources for our fellow local residents is absolutely the right thing for us to do and why we were elected. 

This is why I personally sought a cabinet position as portfolio holder for Whitehill & Bordon area, so I can focus on this.

However, I can completely reassure Mr Hatter we want a prosperous East Hampshire as a whole too, as this is good for all of us.

As a demonstration of this positive intent, we negotiated district-wide positions: our member Cllr Adeel Shah is cabinet portfolio holder for community development and engagement, our member Cllr Penny Flux is assistant portfolio holder lead for climate awareness and our member Cllr Catherine Clark is vice-chairman of the council and thus has a role in being civic representative of the entire district. 

I hope this provides Mr Hatter with some reassurance and your readers an understanding of our rationale.

Andy Tree

Leader of the Whitehill & Bordon Community Party