ROGER STEER has admitted he was disappointed when Tony Reid’s time as Farnham Town manager came to an end.

The stand-in boss said: “When we came in with Tony we knew there was a three- or four-month period where we were not going to get relegated and not knock on the door for promotion, so it was about giving as many people at the club the opportunity to show what they were worth.

“Tony was doing that but it was just unfortunate, sometimes things don’t come together. Tony is a good manager and he will show that at another club. He will get that opportunity. He’s probably a bit down at the moment because when he came here he saw this as a long-term project but it didn’t work out for whatever reason, and that’s football.

“The players have to move on and think about next year.”

And Steer says he agrees with Reid in that Town need to work on their fitness for next season.

“With the greatest respect to the previous management team, when we took over a lot of the players were not fit enough,” he said.

“When you come in at the middle of the season, and have two games every week, it’s difficult to get them up to the level that’s required, even at Step 5. In pre-season a lot of the players will be worked hard to get them to the level required which will help them express themselves out on the pitch as well.”