Members of the Petersfield-based Sky Surfing Club have attended a series of lectures at West Meon pavilion in preparation for their pilot exam.

Three separate events were held – employing a mixture of presentation, group discussion, revision and questions to the speakers to cover the exam syllabus.

The first session was led by Michel Carnet and Frazer Wilson, who revealed some of the mysteries of the theory of flight. Jon Stockley said: “It was very informative.”

Russell Jones added: “It was a great session.”

The next topic was meteorology, which was presented by Dave Harvey and Robin Houghton. Matt Marriott said: “Thank you to those who put great effort into the evening – it was really interesting.”

Mark Windus added: “It was extremely informative and well delivered. I realise I know even less than I thought I did, but at least now I know where to gain information.”

The focus of the final evening was air law – a complex subject made easier to digest with the help of Nigel Bray and Jan Henslow. The topic is essential for the pilot exam.

Marriott said: “There is lots to get to grips with.”

Iwan Wrigley added: “A very useful talk and some good pointers on where I need to brush up.”

Ian Pruden thanked the speakers, and Martin Ayers for organising the events.

Ayers said: “It’s really rewarding to have a good crowd turning up and engaging.”

Lectures over for this season, all that remains is further revision and completion of the examination.

Brian Parkins